Oil & Fuel Spill Clean-up Customer Testimonials

"The Naperville Fire Department is experienced with many so-called encapsulating products and I find BioSolve to be the best. In every case it performed as described in your well documented text."
Hazardous Materials Team Coordinator
Naperville Fire Departmen, 
Naperville, Illinois


"We have BioSolve on all our vehicles. Everyone knows how to use it in an emergency."
Call from dispatcher, Municipal Emergency Responder


"We successfully utilize BioSolve for mitigating impacts of spills with amazing results; whether it be rapid vapor and odor suppression, or simply removing product from roadways and basements…with no residue."
Ira D. Conklin & Sons, Inc., 
Newburgh, New York


"If all the companies in the world had as good customer service as BioSolve, it would be a much better world. You went above and beyond what I expected and that should not go unnoticed. Thanks again."
Palos Fire Protection District, 
Palos, Illinois


"The contractor followed your directions precisely and BioSolve worked exactly as you advertised.  Cleaning #2 oil from the underground conduits with BioSolve saved us a lot of money."
Call from Real Estate Property Manager, New York State


"Few products live up to the hype and promotion of the sales group, but BioSolve is one of those exceptions. BioSolve has done everything for us that [you] said it would…We know of no other product that does for us what BioSolve does."
Erie Airways, Inc. 
Eire, Pennsylvania


“Your product has saved my *** so many times. I always keep some around."
Spill Response Professional


“The gasoline spilled into the street, onto the grass and drained into the sewer system. We used 14 pails of Pinkwater to clean up the spill. It took all night, but everything was cleaned up and no one was hurt."
City of Troy Fire Department
Troy, Michigan


“In fact, the product worked so well that the Hammond Haz-Mat Team has asked to carry some of our BioSolve in their emergency response vehicle so that they can use it to eliminate explosion hazards at the accident scene."
Pretreatment Coordinator
Sanitary District of Hammond, Indiana


“We have used your product with great success on several responses in varying applications. It has been applied to gasoline, diesel fuel, JP-8 spills and on two responses to an unknown hydrocarbon that presented LEL readings in storm sewers."
Assistant Chief Haz Mat Coordinator
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio


“About ten years ago we were searching for an environmentally friendly product to deal with gas and oil spills.  It was at that time that we found BioSolve, which we then tried. It proved to us that it could do the job in dealing with these spills."
Deputy Chief
The City of Poughkeepsie Fire Department
Poughkeepsie, New York


“We have been using BioSolve for nearly three years. We are truly amazed that this product is all that it is said to be. We have been using BioSolve for the safe handling and cleanup of fuel and hydrocarbon spills and have found it to be far superior to any other products which we have tried."
Chief of Hazardous Materials Operations
City of Converse Department of Fire / EMS
Converse, Texas


“During the past year we have used several hundred gallons of this product involving small and large spills. In every case, the product responded as well or better than expected.  We have shared to product with all the Fire Departments in Porter County and again have only had positive results."
Environmental Coordinator
Porter County Indiana


“Prior to their arrival, the DEC Regional Office authorized BioSolve to be used as a vapor suppressant in place of foam. The BioSolve was applied through the foam eductor using a standard adjustable nozzle at a 6% solution. The BioSolve Pinkwater immediately reduced the combustible vapors to less than 10% LEL in the area…It was remarkable that in a matter of minutes the entire area was safe. There was no foam blanket to have to try to clean up with the spilled gasoline. There was no worry that the foam would dissipate and permit the gasoline to release vapors…The results show clearly it is a superior product for a hazardous materials incident such as this."
Vice President
Luzon Environmental Services
Woodbridge, New York


“I just wanted to let you know how effective we have found this product and how important this product has become to our operations…We have found BioSolve excellent for removing stains and eliminating the persistent odor of heating oil. BioSolve provides rapid treatment of spilled fuel and enhances our recovery and disposal options of spilled materials."
Vice President
Bottini Fuel
Rhinebeck, New York