How to Use: Large Tank Cleaning and Degassing

tanks being cleaned for salvageUse a high pressure, course spray of 4% to 6% Pinkwater solution (water cannon or other automated cleaning jet). Hot water or steam systems greatly increase effectiveness.

For Tank Degassing

  • Aggressively and thoroughly spray all contaminated surfaces (walls, roof and internal structures)
  • Test for LEL. Repeat as necessary

For Sludge Removal

  • After stripping, estimate the volume of sludge remaining on the tank bottom. Estimate the volume of hydrocarbons contained in the sludge. (Typically, tank bottom sludge is approximately 30% hydrocarbons.)
  • Assume one gallon of Pinkwater concentrate per 15 to 20 gallons of hydrocarbon remaining in tank bottom. 
  • Force Pinkwater solution into sludge through high pressure jet and thorough mixing