How to Use: In-Situ Soil Remediation

Inject (gravity feed or low pressure pump) a 2% to 5% dilute solution of BioSolve Pinkwater into the formation as close to the middle of the contaminated zone as possible. Preferably recover from wells down gradient to “pull’ Pinkwater solution through the formation. The alternative of injecting and recovering from the same well is a less desirable method but can be effective in tight formations.

During extraction, periodically inspect effluent to determine when “breakthrough” occurs, as evidenced by visible presence of the pink tracer dye. Continue extraction well beyond “breakthrough” to pull as much Pinkwater as possible through the contaminated zone. Hydraulic pressure can be added by “chasing” the surfactant injection with additional water. When possible, recovery volume should be two or more times the volume of Pinkwater solution that was injected.

pouring BioSolve Pinkwater into a mixing tankMultiple treatments (for example, monthly) are often required, measuring remaining contamination levels between treatments.

Either treat effluent on site (large projects) or contract with qualified hazmat disposal company to haul away. Because of the desirability of injecting high volumes relative to pore space, on-site water treatment is preferred.