Large Tank Cleaning and Degassing

Rapid turnaround is essential when an oil or fuel storage tank is stripped for repair or scheduled maintenance.  This time-sensitive process can be frustrated by the presence of high vapor levels and unpumpable sludge.  Over the past 30 years, BioSolve Pinkwater has proven to be a worker friendly solution to these challenges.

When forcefully applied, the strongly “lipophilic” (oil-loving) surfactants in Pinkwater are able to overwhelm the forces of absorption that attach oil/fuel molecules to tank walls and inorganic sludge.  High pressure spraying of tank walls and internal structures forces oil/fuel into an aqueous emulsion, driving down LEL (Lower Explosive Limits) readings.   Likewise, Pinkwater solution forcefully sprayed/mixed into sludge knocks down vapor levels and converts sludge into a pumpable aqueous solution.

On-site water treatment systems can be used to further reduce project costs. This is done by closed-loop recirculation of Pinkwater solution until saturation is achieved and then by separating/recovering valuable hydrocarbon products.


  • Ensure safe working conditions
  • Eliminate use of hazardous “cutter stocks” (hydrocarbon solvents)
  • Minimize tank down time
  • Minimize waste handling and treatment

Advantages of Pinkwater

  • Reduction of time required to prepare stripped tank for manned entry
  • Increase ease-of-use and worker safety through use of water-based cleaning systems
  • Single system to both reduce vapors to below LEL and remove sludge from tank bottom
  • Particularly effective with lighter, more volatile fuels

An Information Sheet with more detailed application protocols
is available from The BioSolve Company. 

Call The BioSolve for assistance in determining the volume of Pinkwater your project requires. We can deliver directly to your project site according to your work schedule.