Customer Testimonials

"[Using BioSolve] allowed us to perform a job [tank cleaning] in a way that was environmentally safe as well as ensuring the safety of our workers. We were also able to take credit for waste minimization efforts as the job created no waste."
Construction Manager
Bechtel Savannah River, Inc.,
Aiken, South Caroline

"We recently resolved a major entry problem regarding two butane tanks. We educted 10 gallons of BioSolve at 6% into each tank using a high pressure nozzle…After letting the tanks set overnight the LEL was tested, and to our amazement the LEL readings lowered enough to obtain an entry. We were very impressed with the results obtained with BioSolve..."
HSE Representative
Lyondell Petrochemical Company
Channelview, Texas

"How did it work for us? It worked great! Do you think we would be ordering from you again if it didn’t work great?"
Telephone call with Tank Cleaning Contractor

"Your product performed exactly as advertised."
Colonial Pipeline
Alpharetta, Georgia

“In the past year we have tried to use BioSolve in as many ways as possible. From cleaning up a residential spill, to vapor suppression on a tank removal project, to bioremediation of a diesel spill, to cleaning heavy #6 oil tanks. It is unusual to find such a versatile product that stands up to the manufacturer’s claims."
Vice President
Luzon Environmental Services
Woodridge, New York

"We are extremely pleased with the product “BioSolve.” …We plan to continue to use the BioSolve solution for similar type jobs (diesel tank cleaning & disposal) that we have scheduled in the coming months."
Construction Manager
Bechtel Savanna River, Inc.
Aiken, South Carolina

"I thought you would appreciate knowing how useful I have found the BioSolve product. I feel it is superior to any other method of gas-freeing and inerting petroleum USTs…Starting with a 5 gallon pail, I soon found that it was the product I was looking for and began purchasing it in 55 gallon drum quantities….I wish you continued success in the marketing of a truly remarkable product."
Sales and Product Manager
Industrial Waste East, Inc
Jacksonville, Florida

"We really like Pinkwater. I used it on a tank and now on spill cleanup. We really like it. We want to make it a standard part of our tool kit."
ECH Environmental
Red Springs, North Carolina