Examples of In-Situ Groundwater Remediation Projects






Colorado CGRS Gasoline Former retail station; UST leak Surged Pinkwater into formation from multiple wells and extracted; repeated 6 times
Maryland AECOM Heating Oil UST 500 gallon "overfill" Injected Pinkwater (5%) and circulated through formation; effluent recovery was twice injection volume
Massachusetts Sovereign Consulting Fuels, Lube Oil Regional bus terminal; UST leak Injected/Extracted Pinkwater (3%) on a monthly basis for six months
Massachusetts Kleinfelder Gasoline Former retail station; UST leak Monthly injection/extraction with Pinkwater (5%) in 5 hot spots over 6 months
Illinois TriCore Environmental Heating Oil Fuel oil depot; UST leak Injected/Extracted Pinkwater (5%) from 10 wells on 300 SF site
North Carolina ATC Associates Waste Lube Oil Former fuel depot with leaking waste oil UST Used 8 dual injection/extraction wells to surge Pinkwater (3%) through formation
North Carolina ARCADIS Gasoline Former retail station; UST leak Injected/Extracted Pinkwater (4%); recovered 4 times the injection volume
Maryland URS Diesel, Lube Oil, Hydraulic Fluid Redevelopment of old industrial site Injected/Extracted Pinkwater (5%) from same well; effluent recovery was 5 times injection volume
New York Action Technical Fuel Oil Fuel spill migrated under building Injected Pinkwater to mobilize fuel oil for dual phase removal
Virginia Geo Environmental Services Fuel Oil Industrial site UST leak Injected 125 gallons of Pinkwater (4%) into each of three wells; extracted 250 gallons


Washington METRO Diesel Fuel depot UST leak Alternated injections of Pinkwater and hydrogen peroxide
Massachusetts NAPL Eliminate Fuel Oil Apartment UST leak Injected Pinkwater to solubilize oil followed by chemical oxidant
New Jersey Ground/Water Treatment & Technology Fuel Oil Residential UST leak Injected over 15,000 gal of Pinkwater (4%).  Established continuous extraction and on-site effluent treatment
Georgia Black Rock Consulting Gasoline, Diesel Industrial site UST leak Following shrinking yield of "pump & treat" operation, injected/extracted over 4,000 gal of Pinkwater (5%)
North Carolina Solutions-IES Jet Fuel, Diesel Marine Corp Air Station UST leak Injected/Extracted Pinkwater (4%)
North Carolina SAIC Jet Fuel, Diesel, Gasoline Hunter Army Air Base UST leak Long-term injection/extraction of Pinkwater; compromised by tight formation
North Carolina Bay West Naphthalene Fort Fisher "lingering" contamination Injected/Extracted Pinkwater to mobilize and remove contaminants