Customer Testimonals

"We, and the customer, were extremely pleased with BioSolve’s performance in quickly and permanently removing the oil and odor. We have found an excellent product in BioSolve and intend to continue stocking and using it."
Love/Effron Heat
Poughkeepsie, New York


"After application [of BioSolve] odours were reduced to non-existent and no further complaints were made. Re-application of BioSolve was also used when soil was moved or turned."
Rainbow Environmental Services Pty. Ltd.
New South Wales, Australia


"We started the project using foam for vapor suppression, but we have switched over to BioSolve, which is working much better for us."
Call with Environmental Consultant
Steel Mill Cleanup Project


“In order to help suppress and/or minimize the release of these odours (including Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons or PAH’s), BioSolve was used. It was found that by spraying the soil surface with a 5% solution of BioSolve, odours became suppressed, resulting in minimal odours being detectable to the nose. Accordingly, we can confirm that BioSolve was effective in the application of PAH vapor suppression at the above mentioned site.”
Project Manager
Walker Civil Engineering
New South Wales, Australia


“BioSolve Pinkwater helped mitigate a big VOC emission issue, assisting in eliminating citizen complaints and keeping the project on schedule.”
ECC Senior Project Manager
Nordlys Environmental, LP
Sydney Tar Ponds Project
Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada


“A service station had six USTs removed from the site. The odours were so severe that the adjacent kindergarten had to be evacuated. After complaints were received from the neighboring properties and parents, it was decided to use BioSolve for odour suppression. After the application, odours were non-existent and no further complaints were made. We shall use BioSolve again and highly recommend its use in similar situations.”
Rainbow Environmental
Padstow, NSW


 “This letter is meant to convey my TOTAL confidence and appreciation for your product, Pinkwater…We sprayed a 6% solution throughout the building and saturated the soil around and under the building as much as possible. LEL readings were 0%!!!...Let me assure you, I will be using Pinkwater in any explosive or flammable situation.”
Kar-den Consulting, Ltd
Edmonton, Alberta Canada


“We sprayed the excavation with the 3% solution and within 2 minutes the odours associated with the contaminated soil had diminished to a barely detectable level. On completion of the excavation prior to installing the new tanks there was no odour at all. We highly recommend the use of this product in this situation.”
Gilbarco Australia, Ltd
Findon SA Australia