Products for Remediation, Spill Clean Up & Degassing

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BioSolve PINKWATER, brand leader and industry workhorse for over 30 years. Formulated with our signature magenta dye for traceability. Sold only as a concentrate.




BioSolve CLEAR, same concentration and performance as Pinkwater, without traceable magenta dye.


NEW BioSolve Activator, formulated as a high performance emulsification surfactant for improved soil remediation. Meets EPA's Safer Choice Standard as well as OECD standard for Ready Biodegradability.


BioSolve FOGwash, same concentration and performance as Pinkwater, with no fragrance and less color. FOGwash is formulated for professional use in both commercial & industrial kitchens. (Sold only in cases/gallons.)