Products Overview


BioSolve Pinkwater is a well-known hydrocarbon mitigation agent: proven effective, safe and easy to use.  BioSolve Pinkwater has been a trusted solution for hydrocarbon cleanup for over thirty years. It is used worldwide by:

  • industrial contractors
  • oil production, refining and distribution companies
  • environmental engineers and contractors
  • water & power utilities
  • fire departments & haz mat teams

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BioSolve products are always shipped as a concentrate.
Our package sizes are: gallon cases (4 x 1 gallon jugs per case), 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon totes.  

Product may be shipped as individual unit(s) or in pallet quantities.

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Preparing a Working Solution

BioSolve Pinkwater is sold only as a viscous (490 centipoise) concentrate. In most applications (except within sewer systems, bilges, oil wells), Pinkwater is diluted with water to create a working “Pinkwater solution”. The strength of typical working solutions range from 2% to 6%.

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Using BioSolve Pinkwater

BioSolve Pinkwater is used in three general areas of end use:  Soil Remediation, Industrial Maintenance and Emergency Response.  

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