Remediation and Decontamination Benefits

BioSolve Pinkwater is a well-known hydrocarbon mitigation agent: proven effective, safe and easy to use.  BioSolve Pinkwater has been a trusted solution for hydrocarbon cleanup for over thirty years. It is used worldwide by:

  • industrial contractors
  • oil production, refining and distribution companies
  • environmental engineers and contractors
  • water & power utilities
  • fire departments & haz mat teams
spill clean-up
Vapor Suppression Spill Clean-up Tank Cleaning & Degassing


Pinkwater and associated products are a highly specialized formulation of primarily non-ionic surfactants plus various performance additives. Pinkwater is formulated to provide four benefits

1. Aggressively Removes Stubborn Hydrocarbons

The formulation of non-ionic surfactants in BioSolve products is strongly lipophilic or “oil-loving”.  Pinkwater will first aggressively pull the hydrocarbons away from the contaminated surface (whether it be soil, stone, steel, cement or sand).  The mobilized hydrocarbon is then emulsified within the Pinkwater solution, making it non-volatile, non-combustible, and miscible in water. 

This dual functionality is of universal benefit in addressing hydrocarbon contamination:

  • Hazardous vapors become non-volatile
  • Residual NAPL is mobilized and solubilized
  • Contaminating grease and sludge is removed 
Subway Axle Bearings Before Treatment After Treatment


2. Safe and Easy to Use

Pinkwater is not a solvent, not a cutter stock, not even a foam.  Pinkwater (concentrate) and Pinkwater solution are water-based.  Working solutions are typically 94% to 98% water. This makes the product easy to mix, easy to handle, easy to apply.  

Pinkwater concentrate (left) and dilute
solution (right) are both water-based



1 Minimal


0 None


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Special Hazard

0 None



3. Predictable Performance

Stable Formula. A major breakthrough of the Pinkwater formulation is that it holds otherwise incompatible ingredients together in a highly stable, water-based solution. An unopened container of Pinkwater has virtually an unlimited shelf life – at least 10 years based on customer testimonials.

Broadly Effective. Pinkwater works with fresh water or brackish water and works on a wide range of surfaces, including most soil types. It can be used on most liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons that are not water soluble. Effective performance does not depend on precise measuring and application.

Controllable Emulsion. The emulsion formed with Pinkwater and oil contaminants will remain stable in a two-phase aqueous solution. In time, most emulsions will “collapse.” For Pinkwater, that time frame can be measured in weeks or months, depending on field conditions. On the other hand, a stable emulsion can be "broken" on demand by lowering the pH (for Pinkwater) or by using a commercial emulsion breaker (for Pinkwater or Activator). Breaking the Emulsion allows for the immediate recovery of free product in an oil-water separator. Please call The BioSolve Company for more information on breaking Pinkwater or Activator emulsions.

Effluent containing Pinkwater solution forms a stable
two-phase emulsion with hydrocarbons:
Top layer - Oil in water emulsion
Bottom layer - Remaining Pinkwater solution


4. Non-Hazardous

 BioSolve Pinkwater contains no hazardous ingredients, as defined by:

  • EPA’s Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)
  • Massachusetts Right to Know Law
  • California Proposition 65

BioSolve products are TSCA Compliant (Toxic Substances Control Act)