Introducing BioSolve® Activator

The newest addition to the BioSolve product line of dependable hydrocarbon mitigation products

Formulated to comply with EPA’s new “Safer Choice” Program

BioSolve Activator is a new hydrocarbon mitigation agent, introduced to the market in the fall of 2015. Working with the chemist who initially developed BioSolve Pinkwater, The BioSolve Company initiated product development and testing in 2011 in cooperation with the Integrated Multiphase Environmental Systems Laboratory at Tufts University (Medford, MA).

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Activator was developed with three objectives:

1.  Meet or exceed the remediation performance of BioSolve Pinkwater®;

2.  Meet or exceed European REACH regulations on biodegradability; and,

3.  Maintain end-user economics comparable to other BioSolve remediation products.

We are pleased that, with four years of effort, we have ended up with a new product meeting these ambitions objectives.

PERFORMANCE           Laboratory and field testing indicates that Activator performs comparably to Pinkwater in both in-situ soil remediation and vapor suppression.

BIODEGRADABILITY    Independent testing by Aqua Survey (Flemington, NJ) found that Activator meets the USEPA criteria for classified as a “readily biodegradable” product.

ECONOMICS               Activator is approximately 20% more costly to manufacture than Pinkwater. However, for an initial period, The BioSolve Company is selling Activator at Pinkwater prices.

ACTIVATOR is formulated with alcohol ethoxylates and other specialty chemicals to comply EPA’s new Safer Choice Program, which includes using ingredients with an improved profile for health and the environment. As part of the Safer Choice review, examiners consider factors such as toxicology, aquatic toxicity, biodegradability, physical safety, and concentration in use. The BioSolve Company is in the process of working with the EPA to gain a Safer Choice listing for Activator.